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Woodland Mound (Day 5)

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Nine Parks in Seven Days
Consecutively Visiting Nine Hamilton County Parks Equates to a Week Vacation
William D. SIEMER II

Leonardo da Vinci wrote that "in nature's inventions nothing is lacking and nothing is superflous."
Woodland Mound. -wdsiemer ii

Day 5: Woodland Mound
Thursday 5/19/11

Distance Jogged: Approx. 5 miles
Trails: 1.2-mile paved multi-use trail, Parcours Trail, Hedgeapple Nature Trail, Seasongood Nature Trail

Beautiful gathering areas with views of the Ohio River, Two Nature Trails, Nicely Landscaped, 18-Hole Frisbee Golf Course, a Nature Center, wet playground, wooded ParCours Fitness Trail

Woodland Mound Overlooking the Ohio River.
Looks like a nice place to picnic, kick soccerball,
or toss frisbee. -wdsiemer ii


The light drizzle stopped just as I arrived to the park. Woodland Mound is exactly what the name implies—a park on top of a hill overlooking the East side of the Ohio River by Old Coney Island.

The air was fresh and the view was spectacular. It gave the rest of the park a peaceful ambiance. I jogged around the outer paved multi-use trail, which passes other parts of the park’s features, such as the overlook, Nature (with ponds)/ParCours trails, Frisbee Golf Course and Nature Center. The 18-hole golf course, The Vineyard, was right down the main road.

I didn’t have an opportunity to play, but the Frisbee Golf course looked very interesting with windy and hilly terrain. I will make sure to give it a try in the near future. I met a young couple with their kids outside the Nature Center by a beautifully landscaped gazebo and fountain area. The kids raved about the Nature Center and were disappointed it was closed for the night (check their website for hours.)

Also, in the same area is Parky’s Wetland Adventure with a view of the Ohio behind it. It wasn’t operating at the time I went, but it looks to be a thrill for the kids.

There’s a paved circular area with some benches overlooking the Ohio. Next to the paved area is a flat green area, which seems perfect for a picnic, Frisbee tossing, or get together.

Note on the ParCours Trail: At the end of the trail it circles back around. There is another route that looks like an old maintenance road, but it leads nowhere. It gets closer to the river and eventually hits a road blockade before some houses set back in the woods. I went up a steep muddy trail at the end to see where it led, but it just went back to the old road.

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  1. Haven't been here before. We'll have to check it out.