Thursday, June 9, 2011

Glenwood Gardens (Day 3)

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Nine Parks in Seven Days
Consecutively Visiting Nine Hamilton County Parks Equates to a Week Vacation
William D. SIEMER II
Beautiful Glenwood Gardens. -wdsiemer ii


Day 3: Glenwood Gardens
Tuesday 5/17/11

Distance Jogged: 6.6 miles
Trails: 2.5 mile and 1.5 mile trails

Pros: Structural Stonework blended nicely with Gardens, Range of Bird/Plant Diversity (without even looking for them saw at least 9 different types of birds not often seen around my house) + I saw about 10 rabbits, Trail extends through woods, prairie fields, wetlands and along Mill Creek

Another cold, rainy day. Glenwood Gardens has a really nice facility. I didn't get to go inside the main building, but fliers show GG is really active with the community. Currently, they are holding the Bugs exhibit. I could see some of the praying mantis from behind a fence.

Glenwood Gardens makes a great place to take a walk, bird watch or take kids during special events, but it was a more tedious run with the loose gravel (plus it was wet). I had to loop around the trails several times to build up my miles. Make sure to visit the Highfield Discovery Garden and playground with the kids.

Map of Glenwood Gardens / Highfield Discovery (Hamilton County Parks)
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