Saturday, June 25, 2011

The King is Alive

Michael Jackson's Off The Wall Record Album -wdsiemer
I was mesmerized by Michael Jackson as a kid. He was soft spoken, yet electrifying. His voice had incredible range, and his dance moves amazing. He was a self-marketing genius--his music videos, style of clothing, the glove, hat and lifestyle had people talking and imitating. His charitable work and donations were second to none. Neverland was most kids' dream amusement park. Millions of albums sold, adoring fans, and records held.

I wish we could have seen what he had in store. One last "I love you Michael" with him saying, "I love you too." Gone, but never forgotten. The music and memory lives.

Playing my Off The Wall Album in memory of Michael Jackson -wdsiemer
Michael Jackson
Gone Too Soon
This song has kind of become the summary of his shortened life.

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