Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Missing Fonts or Images in Illustrator

Quick Tutorial for the Beginning Designer

Trying to open someone's Illustrator file (ai/pdf/etc), but have missing fonts or images? Place them.
I've tried to keep this straightforward while keeping it understandable.

File> New...
(Make a new document)

File> Place...
(Browse for the document you need to open)

Make sure the check box called "Link" is checked and "Template" is unchecked.

With your file selected, click Place.

Your image is now placed as a Linked File.

If you want to be able to make some edits, you'll have to outline the fonts and embed the images, this is how to do it... (Don't click "Embed" if you're missing fonts because this will force you to make substitutions for them)

Object> Flatten Transparency...

In the pop-up box..
Preset: High Resolution
Line Art and Text Resolution: 1200ppi
Gradient and Mesh Resolution: 300ppi
CHECK Convert All Text to Outlines
CHECK Convert All Strokes to Outlines

CHECK Preserve Overprints and Spot Colors

Click OK

Flatten Transparency Box

(Sometimes these settings need to be changed for more advanced imagery with effects like drop-shadows, etc.)

You will now see that the document is editable.

File> Save

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