Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Embshoff Woods (Day 1)

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Nine Parks in Seven Days
Consecutively Visiting Nine Hamilton County Parks Equates to a Week Vacation
Embshoff Woods. (Only 1st photo was taken on day of journal) -wdsiemer ii

Day 1: Embshoff Woods
Sunday 5/15/11

Distance Walked: 3 miles
Trails: Parcours Trail approx. 1mi

Pros: Compact 9-hole Frisbee Golf Course, Wooded Parcours Fitness Trail, Several Shelters equals lots of great smelling grilling on warm days, Safe Kid's Play Area

Different Day, Same Results. Tired from another walk at Embshoff. -wdsiemer ii

There are a few surprises at Embshoff Woods,
such as this pond. -wdsiemer ii
Embshoff is located on the west-side of Cincinnati in Delhi Township. This park is about convenience for me. It's very close to my home. I actually grew up in a house connecting to Embshoff woods. I go here almost every day whether to walk the dogs, jog, do the ParCours course, hike the woods, take photos, or play disc golf (sometimes the grass is higher than others).

Weather really wasn't cooperating with me. It was a cold rainy day. I took the dogs through the whole park. We ventured into the woods for a bit, but it was so muddy. I proceeded by walking the ParCours.

I was surprised to see two guys working out rigorously on the equipment. I see one of the guys every time I go to Embshoff. I think he's training for an Iron Man contest or something. He was carrying a huge log over his head running up the stairs. He's not huge, but he's a beast!

Overall, it was nice to get out of the house and walk through nature with the dogs. So many people let the weather ruin their plans, but I always try to push myself to jog in the rain and snow. It can be as peaceful as much as it is annoying.

This is a smaller park (as far as useable area is concerned), and they don’t offer as many park sponsored events and activities as do some of the other parks. I haven’t seen their concession stand open since I was young. There is a newer, safe playground for the kids.

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