Designs We've Seen (a lot) Series

Designs We've Seen (a lot) Series
"I Want You"
as of 08/30/11

Ornament Reflections
Truck Sacks

New Look, Same Great Taste!
Comic Sans for Preschool and Daycares
Animals Holding Signs
American Idol
Crescent Swoosh Logo
Shot Glass Souvenir
Hearts and Letter Emphasis
Lighter Souvenir
Airbrushed Beach Souvenirs
Key Chain Souvenir
Oversized Prints T-Shirt Souvenirs
Custom Signs
Rays, Sunshine, Vines and Smileys
Design School Project (Wine Bottle)
Self as South Park Character
Kid Drawings
A "Z" instead of an "S"
Goofy Acronyms
Chuck Norris

Vintage T-Shirts
Best Kept Secret...
Use of the "@" Symbol
Mustache/Goatee Graffiti
Numbers as Letters
Creation of Adam
Vitruvian Man
March of Progress

Clip Art
Papyrus Salon & Spa
got milk? parody
iPhone, iRobot, iProduct
Orb Logos
QR Codes
Silly Bandz
Calvin Peeing
Church Billboards
Live Trace
Heart Rate Monitor Design
Wine in a Glass Logo

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