Friday, June 10, 2011

Winton Woods (Day 4)

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Nine Parks in Seven Days
Consecutively Visiting Nine Hamilton County Parks Equates to a Week Vacation
William D. SIEMER II

Winton Woods. -wdsiemer ii

Day 4: Winton Woods
Wednesday 5/18/11

Distance Jogged: 7.1
Trails: Kingfisher Nature Trail, Great Oaks paved multi-use trail

Pros: Expansive (Lots to do: Camping, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Golfing, Boating, Hiking, (Wet)Playground, etc), Paved Bike/Walking Trail going around/across Winton Lake, Kingfisher Nature Trail is a Highlight for hikers

The Park Services do a great job with upkeep and maintaining trails. -wdsiemer ii

Another dark, rainy day (déjà vu). I really picked a good week to do this. There were still people out; walking and fishing.

Winton Woods is similar to Miami Whitewater (yet to be mentioned) and Sharon Woods. It’s huge and there are so many things to do here.

The Kingfisher graveled Nature Trail was my favorite part of this jog. It was at the beginning (or end depending on how you look at it) of the West Trail. It had two sections, the wetlands and the upper woods, which ended up looping around. Saw a couple garden snakes on the upper hills, which reminded of mountain trails/backcountry. The trail was narrow, and had a lot of plant/ivy-life around it. The wetlands are the upper creek of the lake. Some of the trail felt as if you were running on the rocks of the creek, so it could get slick. There were a lot of simple wooden planks/bridges that fit the look and feel of the place. It was a nice jog. Only saw two other people on the trail. Three ducks slowly floating down the creek with woods around them created a pleasant scene.

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