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Shawnee Lookout / Fernbank Park (Day 7)

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Nine Parks in Seven Days
Consecutively Visiting Nine Hamilton County Parks Equates to a Week Vacation
Shawnee Lookout. -wdsiemer ii

Fernbank Park. -wdsiemer ii

Day 7: Shawnee Lookout / Fernbank Park
Saturday 5/21/11

Distance Jogged: Approx. 3 miles
Trails: Miami Fort Trail, Little Turtle Trail, Blue Jacket Trail

Pros: Informational descriptions on the history of Shawnee, including replica homes, Wooded trails (more suitable for walking), Panoramic views of the river

Images (Left to Right): Fun in the trees, Overlooking the Ohio River, The last tribe to see this view--the Shawnees

Map of Shawnee Lookout (Hamilton County Parks)
The tendon in my ankle was a bit sore from the muddy jog through Mitchell Memorial Forest, so I took it a little easier at Shawnee Lookout. Shawnee lookout is located between the Little Miami and Ohio River. The Shawnee Indians were the last to live in the area that is now the park, hence its name.

There are 3 nature trails, a golf course, a small play area and a replica Indian village house.

I started with the Miami Fort Trail. It is at end of the park. You start by going up a hill to get to “the fort.” The fort just indicates the inner loop. You’ll see typical park boards with information on the history of the area, the Indian tribes and rituals, and landmarks.

Leaving the fort area will take you to the lookout—looking out across the Ohio River. This is the spot to take pictures. You can see the history, but also how modernization has taken over through the barges, bridges, and smoke stakes.

On Shawnee Lookout trail I saw a Boy Scout building a wooden railing with his parents. It looked really nice, so I compliment him on what a good thing he is doing for the park.

The next trail I took was Blue Jacket. Blue Jacket begins by going through cut grasses/fields and wooded sectionals. Then you hit the wooded loop. While on my jog I frightened some family because they didn’t see me coming. The lady later explained to me that she was just telling her kids there were boogeymen in the woods. I guess I was that boogeyman.

The last trail was Little Turtle, which is right across the road from Blue Jacket. Little Turtle is probably my favorite trail here. It has little bit of everything. Nice views of the Ohio from atop a steep hill, a cooler downhill creek area, and a little bit of field. I saw a couple young couples enjoying the day and taking photographs with the river as their backdrop.

Overall, Shawnee is a great place to take a walk through nature and history. After all three trails, I had a pretty good sweat built up.

Fernbank Park

The banks of the Ohio River at Fernbank Park. -wdsiemer ii
To be honest, for the longest time I didn’t even know Fernbank was a Hamilton County Park, even after visiting many times. I mainly go here to see a vintage car show, but the park offers much more. It’s located right beyond the train tracks on Route 50 (River Road).

You can bike/skate/walk the paved course around the park and near the Ohio River. The playground was very popular with the kids. There were a lot of people here in general. I didn’t stay at the park long, but I visited the nature trail that I never knew existed. It’s at the very far end of the park, right along the Ohio River. You walk right next to the river, and into a wooded area shaded by trees. I think the trail had experienced flooding because the path was a little sunken.

This park being so close to me, I will be back.
Fernbank Park map (Hamilton County Parks)

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