Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sharon Woods (Day 2)

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Nine Parks in Seven Days
Consecutively Visiting Nine Hamilton County Parks Equates to a Week Vacation
Sharon Woods (All photos except last are on day of journal) -wdsiemer ii

Day 2: Sharon Woods
Monday 5/16/11

Distance Jogged: 8.1 miles
Nature Trails: Gorge trail .7 mile, 2.6 miles paved multi-use trail, 1 mile parcours trail

Pros: Expansive, beautiful place with a paved course stretching around lake through woods, So much to do here (Trails/Fishing/Playground/Golf/Paddle Boats,etc), Gorge trail with waterfalls and cliffs, Wooded ParCours Fitness Trail

Map of Sharon Woods (Hamilton County Parks)
Sharon Park has it all: Water/indoor playground, exhibits, fishing, hiking, biking, boating and 18-hole golf course.

I really enjoy this place. I love jogging near Sharon Lake and into the woods. The Gorge trail is a very motivational run with steep banks, bridges and waterfalls. It beats running the same streets of my hometown Delhi.

I managed to get a little over 8 miles in with my bum left knee. It was a little sore the next day. After my jog, I did the ParCours (which I should have done as a warm-up to my jog.) It was cold and gloomy out (50-something degrees), but I had a blast. Will be going back soon.

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