Monday, May 9, 2011

Tacky Souvenir T-Shirts

Souvenir Designs We've Seen (a lot) Series (Tacky T-shirts)

I figured I'd transition designs we've seen a lot to souvenir designs we've see a lot by including a two for one. One is the increasing usage of Live Trace in Illustrator to make a photo "vector", and the the other is the abundance of tacky T-Shirts with large images often seen in places like Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

The following T-Shirt is also available in Mountainscapes, Seascapes, Howling Wolves and Grazing Deers.


  1. I can't stand when the image on the t-shirt is so big. It pisses me off.

  2. Yeah, it's just too much. Any t-shirt with a large image just doesn't appeal to me. I like it simple. You know like a little outline of a pig that says "please don't eat me," or r2D2, etc.