Friday, May 20, 2011

American Idol Lyrics

American Idol "Perfect Harmony" website
Perfect Waste of Time

I was being a dork, and looked into some lyric contest American Idol was running called "Perfect Harmony" where you could help write the next song for Taio Cruz. I went to the American Idol website and clicked on the link. Here was me thinking you actually got to put some credible input into the song; but no, you get to write the very last lyrical rhyme of a horribly written song:

That's why I'm gonna fi-i-ight,
and stand up for my ri-i-ight
______________________________(Your lyric submission goes here)

I kept wanting to write "to paarttty!"

I'm sure thousands of people submitted identical entries because it's a basic rhyming structure. The lyrics being voted on now are as follows:

-Nothing's standing in my way tonight now
-Come and take my hand and let's unite now
-I keep my feet firmly on the ground now

The lyric I submitted was:
This song makes me wanta pop pills and die now

The prize? I think tickets to see American Idol Live, which I would just sell.

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