Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kitchen Nightmares (Capri)

Chef Ramsay teaching the twins self-respect, wdsiemerii

This cracked me up. I was watching Kitchen Nightmares a couple of weeks ago on Fox. The announcer touted this as a special episode in which Chef Gordon Ramsay will try to get through to owners, Jim and Jeff, at the Capri Italian Restaurant in Eagle Rock, CA. Chef Ramsay sets up this elaborate exercise to teach the twins a lesson in self-respect.

However, through the whole episode they are called messy, lazy, loud and emotional. Then, he intentionally gets under their skin to start a series of bickering with them...

Chef Ramsay goes on to say the following:

"Quit acting like a big baby... | You need a diaper changing? | Little poo-poo? | Jim, why do you need to act like this? | OMG, like a big baby | You big wet noodle want a blanket and a bottle? | OMG, you spoiled brat. | OMG, now you set yourself on fire. | You're making yourself look stupid. | You're lazy.

The bantering goes on, as is typical for a Chef Ramsay program.

After all this Chef Ramsay asks, "Do they always act this childish?"

That makes me laugh.

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