Wednesday, May 11, 2011

McDonald's Revamp / Renovation

I'll Take Some Fine Wine with my Big Mac
McDonald's Revamp Makes You Want to Linger

I remember reading a similar article about two years ago, but now more McDonald's are implementing the plan to go a little more modern/upscale. The McDonald's near my home in Cincinnati underwent the renovation more recently, and my opinions are mostly positive. I haven't eaten there, but i scoped the place out (so my opinion is limited). I'm sure there are different plans for different finance levels, so this may not be the best new McDonald's to showcase the changes.

It's definitely an improvement over the old. The place felt updated. The higher quality materials of the counterspace, menuboards and beverage station provided a "fresher" look. The colors and lighting are subdued which brings some cool comfort to the atmosphere. However, others have complained of the windows not allowing enough natural sunlight.

The biggest concern that stood out to me was the faux-leather/vinyl/whatever the hell it was on the booth seats. The place has hardly been open 6 months and they are filthy. It's that type of material that dirt sticks to, overtime builds a thin layer of grime, and becomes sticking to human touch. I hope the interior designers didn't choose this material for all the renovations!

I am definitely not a critic and I rarely eat McDonald's, so this piece isn't really worth it's weight in Double Big Macs with Cheese. Anyways, I'm going to go to the Golden Arches to linger for a while.

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