Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wendy's Wendy

Wendy's Wendy Thomas

Come on Wendy's! I know sales are down, but to drag Wendy into this mess? Can't we just keep her as the iconic little redhead girl on the french fry box? Wendy's is looking for Wendy to be another likeable Dave Thomas-type company spokesman. The Wendy's logo looks like it will be needing an update to remain true to the character.
Wendy's Wendy Thomas. the sketchpad
Clarification: A reader brought to my attention this statement could be taken offensively, and my wife said she could see where they were coming from.

At the time of this commercial, I had read an article describing Wendy's restaurants' struggling finances. Therefore, I was sarcastically asking Wendy's restaurant why they were dragging Wendy Thomas into their troubles after all of her years being behind the scenes. It is not an insult on her position, character or appearance.

"The Wendy's logo looks like it will be needing an update to remain true to the character" is referring to my earlier statement to keep her as the nostalgic "iconic little redhead girl." This is wordplay to keep the "myth of Wendy" and brand intact--if not, maybe they'll have to consider updating their whole image of Wendy's.

We all know Wendy's was trying to recapture some of that Dave Thomas magic. If Wendy Thomas was behind the commercial then great for her. I thought it was some marketing company using her character as a ploy.

Most people come to my site only to look for photos. Since I never really knew who Wendy was, I wanted to share the image with a brief tongue-in-cheek statement. This is a previous brief I wrote...Wendy's Logo



  1. How can you hate on THE Wendy for being on her own commercials?... Really? She is the Main Shareholder since her father died, she is only the one protecting the family's interests. She is the one everyone is looking to carry on her father's heartfelt interest in making his customers happy with his product. Go Wendy!

    1. Yes, but i always saw the picture and I thought she was still a kid because, I wasn't born when Wendy's started so i really didn't know. So he was right about they need a picture to look more like her.

  2. There's no hating going on. If you read anything I write, you would notice I always carry an intentional facetious tone in my commentary. I'm sorry you were offended.

    Actually, after re-reading what I wrote I don't even see anything insulting toward Wendy Thomas' character. I enjoy the food, have visited its birthplace, have always been fond of Dave Thomas, and have no gripe against Wendy.