Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mother of Mercy High School's New Logo

Mother of Mercy High School's New Logo
Cincinnati, OH

Once again, I am not here to necessarily critique these designs. However, having seen the local billboards, I find a local newspaper's explanation of Mother of Mercy High School's new logo to be reaching somewhat far into the reader's imagination...

The new graphic maintains the traditional elements of Mercy's original logo but also reflects the school's scholarly achievement and a young women's journey with Christ to her future by incorporating a "movement" of blue ribbons that flow directly through the distinctive Mercy cross and into the the light.

"Our new logo allows us to better capture the excellence that is Mercy with our relentless attention on individual excellence, as well as the amazing strides we are making toward our Vision for the future."

Did you get all of that out of this new mark? Distinctive Mercy cross... reflects a journey with Christ... Opinions?

The one element I will comment on, and that is the faded gradient to white. From design experience (Beacon Orthopedics) I have never enjoyed gradients incorporated in a logo. In the future, when designers try to use color backgrounds with the logo they will have to come up with solutions like an outer glow, white box, or a different fade color if they want the piece to look correct and professional.

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