Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Psychedelic Poster Design

Psychedelic Poster Design

I recently had a guy come to me to recreate, color and print his psychedelic poster design so he can put them up for sale. It was nice to see the old school geometric design, consisting of a pencil sketch from measurements and circular templates.

I still sketch ideas and deal with measurements on a daily basis, but I have become a bit spoiled on what I draw by hand versus digital. I used to create handmade engineering drawings for mechanical parts, and a lot more fine art.

Lately, if it can be done in an Adobe product, I'll do it in an Adobe product. It's faster, cleaner, easier, and there's an "undo" button. However, it's these same aspects that make me miss creating more intimate art by hand.

Sometimes it takes a little project like this to influence/motivate me to get back into the stuff of old.

Details. Design by Mike Beaty
Multiples. Design by Mike Beaty
My line drawing for poster based on Mike Beaty's sketch

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