Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Best Buy CEO Resigns

A few notes I haven't posted...
  • IGN.com ripping the video game Naughty Bear in its home page review while the whole rest of the page's theme is an advertisement praising the game.
  • Buying a 99cent Pepsi Next at Walgreens and receiving a coupon for a Free Coke Zero
  • Below is somewhat reminiscent...

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn is stepping down from the nation's largest consumer electronics retailer, a company widely criticized for not responding quickly enough to growing competition and the changing shopping habits of Americans.
-USA Toda
I suppose Brian Dunn wasn't responsible for this onslaught of ads on the same page as news of his resigning.

Or maybe he was... "I leave it today in position for a strong future," Dunn said.

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