Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Undercover Boss Fastsigns

They have the worst wigs on this show...


  1. Really? I thought it looked pretty good :-)

    Wearing a wig is no fun at all! Hot underneath and feels constraining!

    I hope you will watch the episode on May 4!

    Catherine Monson
    FASTSIGNS International

  2. I bet! I have to say this one looks decent in an artistic environment, but I can't say the same about some of the others I have seen :) I'll be watching, and I posted this ad (with some humor) in hopes others will too. This is a great and exciting opportunity for the brand. Regards, Will

  3. we have one of those near us. i was reading in finance they are launching a new look.

  4. I believe FASTSIGNS carries both the luxury and burden of its name, and they are looking to reinvent it to show a more expansive solutions side of their business.

    Fastsigns has been around long enough to have name recognition for customers who want a quick sign, but they probably don't want to be defined as only fast signs when they do so much more (Graphic Design, Digital, Identity, Consulting, and more.)

    Hopefully, rebranding will propel a new perspective of the brand, bring in new business, and separate them from all the "Cheap Signs," "Speedy Signs," etc...

    I think this is a small part of the "new look" you're referring to, but it's only my opinion.


  5. lol They do have horrible carpeted wigs! One poor guy was sweating like a pig, and his head looked like a wet squirrel.

  6. same sad sob stories. they forked out a lot of dough!

  7. Even if they were the "same sad" stories, it is not to say the people on the show were faking their stories/conditions. They were just fortunate to have their story told, and to receive aid...