Thursday, March 22, 2012

Common Mistakes That Can Get You in Trouble with Your Boss

These Mistakes Can Get You in Trouble with Your Boss
Be careful not to commit these business faux-pas
William D. SIEMER II

Wearing a Sweater Vest

[Also, called the Santorum look.]
There is nothing more frustrating to a boss than an employee who comes to work wearing a sweater vest.

Kalvin Gloppe of Gloppe Industries, Inc. said his IT worker did exactly that. "Oh, I can't tell you how much that pissed me off. As soon as he walked through my office with that damned sweater vest, I told him to take it off and pack his things." Gloppe continues, "We can't handle that lack of professionalism here."

Other irks include puffy vests, penny loafers, and fun ties.

Embezzling Funds

While it may not sound like a big deal compared to wearing a sweater vest, stealing money from the company isn't favorably looked upon.

Phil discovered this when he stole money from the supermarket's cash drawer he worked for to buy drugs. Phil said he thought no one would notice the cash was missing, but when his boss Larry found an empty register he suspected Phil because he had been using crack to treat back pain.

"I understood Phil had a drug problem, but there were plenty of other people he could have robbed besides my company," said Larry.

Punching Their Mother in the Throat

Fred recalls, "This b***h got all up in my s**t, so I decked her in the gullet."

Like many Americans, Fred is talking about the time he punched his supervisor's mother, Betty Johnson, in the throat. In this circumstance, Fred was given a warning because his boss didn't care much for his mother visiting the workplace.

Most of the time a situation like this will land you in deep water with the boss.

Growing a Moustache

A full goatee, five o'clock shadow, or sideburns can give you a distinctive, but still business-like appearance.

However, a moustache alone can kill your relationship with your boss. The growth of a moustache is among the top silent reasons a boss fires an employee--male or female.

So, either don't shave at all, or shave it all to avoid the mistake of moustache growth.Wearing glasses and having a moustache are grounds for an immediate termination.

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