Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Are video games art? Draw your own conclusions

From USA Today

The Smithsonian American Art Museum, which houses such masters as Georgia O'Keeffe and John Singer Sargent, steps right into the middle of the argument with a new exhibit, The Art of Video Games. It begins a six-month stay at the Washington museum Friday before going on a national tour.

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Video Games in the Smithsonian

We were having this discussion a couple of weeks ago at work. I definitely think video games are art. One of my "top-secret," under development gallery exhibitions focuses more in-depth on this concept. However, our topic was regarding a game a co-worker has been playing called "Skyrim." Every screen capture he took from the actual gameplay was worthy of being a framed piece of art. So, he took his high-res screen captures, blew them up, and did exactly that.

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