Monday, March 26, 2012

One Size Smaller

I love being able to help small business enhance their brand image, but there are plenty of frustrations along the way. Instead of trusting my design experience, clients tell me what fonts to use (papyrus/times new roman are among their favorites), revert my design back to their orginal Word document design (some tiny image they found on the web), want me to copy someone else's logo, and downplay my design consulting (make it bigger!).

I often do oversized graphics, and very frequently get "make it just one font smaller/bigger" All this means to me is make it smaller/bigger. What do they think it means? Here is Myriad Bold 250pt next to Myriad Bold 249pt. Is this what they were looking for? :)
An image that pops up in a lot of Word documents (Make this my logo)

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