Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You Can't Spell "DESIGNER" Without "IT"

You Can't Spell "DESIGNER" Without "IT"

Twice in the past week I have had clients give me unacceptable files. When I told them that they were too low-res (how does an 18kb JPEG sound?), they responded that their IT guy said they had no problem with them and they worked well.

I assume people believe the Information Technology and Design professions are one in the same. This could be true, but it's often a misconception. Often times we are experts in one field, and know enough to be dangerous in the other. I know enough about computers and networking to perform most home and small business operations, but I won't pretend I am an IT expert by any means.

No hard feelings! :)

I love when I receive small files titled something like "companylogo-vector-eps.jpg." I tell the client that the file is a low-res JPEG, and I need a vector EPS. They proceed in telling me they don't have one, but usually that file is a proof of the vector so they can see it on their computer.

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