Monday, August 8, 2011

Skydiving Journal

Skydiving Journal. wdsiemer ii
Journal: Skydiving
William D. SIEMER II

Went skydiving yesterday for the first time. Left home around 11:30AM to pick up Shannon and Aaron. Arrived at Hook Field Municipal Airport in Middletown around 1:00pm. Due to earlier weather conditions and later thunderstorms, our plane didn't take off until around 7:00pm.

The ascension of the aircraft built anticipation. Standing at the door at 12,000 feet was exhilirating. The moments of freefall were breathtaking. The views spectacular. The parachute cruise relaxing.

The only hiccup was when the parachute opened and my jumping partner said, "Oh crap! We have a twisted line." I looked up as he unraveled the parachute line. I wasn't too nervous knowing that I was with a professional.

I highly recommend going. It's an incredible adrenaline rush. The added energy carried itself into my jog the next day, and hopefully remains an inspiration.


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