Monday, February 20, 2012

Interesting Vehicle Designs

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From Yahoo

Planters Nutmobile:
In 2011 Planters kicked off their "Naturally Remarkable" tour,
which espoused the ideals of conservationism to Americans across
the country. Mr. Peanut embarked on this nationwide road trip in
the Planters Nutmobile, which is made of environmentally-conscious
materials and runs on biofuel. 

Photo from: Facebook/Mr. Peanut

Boston Lobster Feast Car: 
Orlando's Boston Lobster Feast Car serves as an apt reminder of
the classic Simpson's episode when Homer adopted Pinchy the lobster
as a pet, accidentally boiled him in the bathtub, and ate him without
sharing, because "he would have wanted it that way." Tough, but fair. 

Photo by: Yelp/CobraK

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