Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Saw A Deer Today

They are overpopulated, hunted, and roadkill. However, we are still fascinated with our encounters with deer. Or at least I seem to be.

If I saw a few deer in my backyard I would probably try to get a photo like it is some once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If I quietly sneak up on a group of deer grazing in a field, I would probably share this exciting news with people.

When I die, I am getting mounted to a deer to put out in the backyard. My loved ones will be able to point out the window, and say "There's old Will grazing in the yard." As long as a hunter doesn't catch sight of me...

On that note... hunting doesn't impress me, unless you're using the meat as a source of food or you hand-crafted the weapons out of nature in order to complete the hunt. Otherwise, it all reminds me of an episode of King of the Hill, where Hank takes Bobby to a hunting range. The deer are overpopulated in a fenced area, and come within a couple of feet of Bobby's gun because there are feeders all around them. Too simplified, but I guess it helps keep the deer population under control.

When I worked at a pony keg, we were a check-in station, and would tag deer for hunters. My goodness, they couldn't have been any more proud of their "accomplishment." They would ramble on-and-on, but all I thought of was the awful smell in the back of their truck, cutting a slit through the deer's leg or ear to tag it, and hosing the blood off the parking lot.

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