Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Before USB Flash Drives

Before USB Flash Drives
William D. SIEMER II

I came across an amusing note I had written in a process book back in college. Up until the point I wrote this I had saved all my AutoCAD drawings on floppy disks, most of design files on ZIP disks, and backed-up on CD-ROMS.
A Small Inspiration
One day I was at my place of work and a co-worker showed me a keychain that her boyfriend had bought her. She said that it could hold a gig of memory and be transferred to different computers.
This was a big inspiration for me.  Sometimes inspiration comes in small forms.  When you are a designer, your mind never turns off.  Everything around you becomes an idea.
I can use this kind of system in a car design. I can have this gig of memory be the vehicles' key and give each car its own identity.  This key could start the car, hold various car settings, and store mp3s for the radio system.
An old sketch: Flash Sticks the future of vehicle customization? wdsiemer

I was referring to a USB Flash Drive. This must have been the first time I had seen one. I wouldn't have had to tote around a case full of 20 ZIP drives full-time during college. It seems every generation of designers have new luxuries afforded them through our advancing technology. I always anticipate the next innovation...

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