Saturday, September 10, 2011

Miami Whitewater Bike Trail (Journal)

Biking Journal
wdsiemer ii // 09.10.11

Miami Whitewater Bike Trail

In beautiful weather, I biked another 32 miles today at Miami Whitewater Forest before my rear was bruised and my body cover in smashed gnats. It's great exercise through nature, and gives my mind a chance to run wild and feel at peace at the same time.

Coasting with the wind blowing across my face, seeing the sun come out from the clouds from across the corn fields, and hearing the sounds of nature surround me is all very inspiring.

As a continuation to my piece "Nine Parks in Seven Days" I have documented some of my ride through low-resolution cell phone photographs. You'll see some of the bridged areas, a six foot snake (I thought was a branch at first) slithering across the bike bath, the wildflowers/corn fields, and the overall enjoyment I had with the trip.


Across the Fields
Through the Tunnel
Bridge on my way
Old Schwinn Bike
Mile Marker
Shadow from Bike
Past The Snake

Under the Bridge

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