Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yoko Ono ART

Yahoo News showcases a reprisal of Yoko Ono's 1966 work, To The Light, and brings up the age-old debate "Is it art?" I say so! Whether you understand it, connect to it, or like it is another story.

Yoko Ono is expressing her ideas and beliefs through these artistic exhibitions, thought up in the 60's. They aren't necessarily straight-forward, but neither is the person--in personality, music and style.

The pieces have a spatial composition throughout the gallery that shows thought and creativity went into their existence. The titles will assist those struggling to understand her concepts such is the case of "Three Mounds". Three identical mounds of earth are separated on the floor with the titles Country A, Country B and Country C in front of the classic War Is Over poster she made with John Lennon.

This brings up the point that these are old ideas, which don't have the same impact they may have had in the 60's. She's relying on nostalgia, which is probably great for her financial cause, but fails as evolutionary/revolutionary #9 art. It's art... just a little expired.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 18: A piece of work entitled 'Three Mounds' by Yoko Ono is displayed at the Serpentine Gallery on June 18, 2012 in London, England. The piece makes up part of an exhibition of the artists work which is currently on show at the Serpentine Gallery which opens from June 19 until September 9, 2012. The show is part of the London 2012 festival, a twelve week UK wide celebration of artists work from across the world.

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