Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pixar's Brave

"Brave" is the 13th-straight Pixar release to open at No. 1 since "Toy Story" launched Hollywood's age of computer animation in 1995.

Saw Disney Pixar's Brave 3-D. I have a great love for digital animation. There is no studio better at formulating a great story with superb animation like Pixar. Their film short, La Luna, was another sweet, clever animation preceding the film.

I can understand critic's complaints that the story is safe (by Pixar's standards), and similar to many Disney princess movies (and Beauty and the Beast). However, the film is enjoyable, funny, smart, and incredibly animated. I highly recommend seeing it.

Lord Dingwall may be my favorite digitally animated character ever.
Lord Dingwall Disney Pixar's Brave

Journal 06/23/12

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