Sunday, June 15, 2014

Top Pizza Restaurants 2014

Top Pizza Restaurants 2014

Journalist and Food Connoisseur, Scott Schroeder traveled the United States in search of the best pizza restaurants. After trying over 100 of the best independent and chain pizza restaurants each city had to offer, Schroeder had the difficult task of narrowing his selections to three.

The award goes to...

1. Cici's Pizza
A vibrant atmosphere, great selections, and all you can eat for cheap makes this restaurant a people watcher paradise. Cici's left a lasting impression on Mr. Schroeder's colon. "Cici you later."

2. Little Caesar's
Little Caesar's has someone else's pizza waiting for you long before you arrive, and only makes you pay $5.00 for it. Mr. Schroeder commented, "Pizza. Pizza."

3. Domino's Pizza
Mr. Schroeder came across a quaint, little restaurant nestled in a fast-moving city. He had stumbled upon a Domino's Pizza, known for making one of the highest quality pizzas in the world. When Mr. Schroeder spoke to the CEO, he said that the pizza he used to sell his customer's sucked, so they decided to revamp it into this award-winning formula.

So, next time you are out traveling, look for one of Mr. Schroeder's award-winning pizza restaurants near you!


  1. Oh man, Snappy's was so close...

  2. Let's journey into the unknown abyss of Queen City Pizza