Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Same Image / Different Results

An interesting part of maintaining a blog and supplying "free" graphics is the fact that the same image gets used in different ways. Some people/companies have contacted me about using my images like my Obama Gay Pride emblem, and Cincinnati Skyline silhouette; while others just found the image and ran with it.

When I create my images, I personalize (alter) them in a subtle way to determine if I was the original artist. I've seen the skyline included in at least three designs including a billboard. Listermann Brewing contacted me, and created an awesome graphic from the skyline, while Cincinnati Resident Spouse Association used it as an element in their logo.

I've always enjoyed the idea of re-purposing one image for multiple causes--it shows originality and creativity. Artists can express one idea in millions of different ways.

Listermann Brewing

The following text:

This year I've been going to dinner outings and book clubs with the Resident Spouse Association, a support/social group for fellow residency spouses and a ready-made place to find new friends in a new city, plus ones who completely understand the craziness of this stage of life.

The person who used to host a website for the group moved away, so they started a blog in its place - and I got to personalize it from the generic template. We didn't have any kind of logo, so I started by finding a free-use silhouette of the Cincinnati skyline to create an identity, but then I was stumped about where to go with colors... And that's where the pinspiration came in. I love the colors in this photo, fun and vibrant but not too girly (which I sometimes have a tendency toward), plus two of them are in the hospitals' logos so quite fitting!

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