Thursday, January 5, 2012

5 High-Paying Jobs Without a Grade School Degree

5 High-Paying Jobs Without a Grade School Education
Highest Earners Make Millions
William D. SIEMER II

Lab Rat

Always wanted a career in Science without having to go through all the boring grade school labs? Then, you should be a lab rat. Donate your plasma, participate in studies, and test new products. While the per session rates are not the highest, there are plenty of options to keep the income flowing.

Bank Robber

Adventurous? Daring? Give yourself a rush of adrenaline and loot by becoming a robber. The 1% do it every day. It may a high-risk job, but the rewards can be satisfying. Someone needs to keep the world on its toes, or we'll become too at ease.

Trust Fund / Inheritance Milker

Rich parents? Near death grandparents? Spend your career convincing them you are worthy of all their hard-earned money. Wipe grandma's butt, take out your parent's garbage, or make friends at the nursing home. You'll make others feel good, and yourself better.

Prostitution / Pimping

Selling your body for sex can keep a steady income pouring in, but the real money is in Pimping. You get to look like a jackass, make big bucks, court girls and do none of the dirty work. Downfalls to this industry can be STDs, jail, or even death, but the payout may have you retiring early.

Advanced Drug Dealer

While some drug dealers may need a Doctorate in Chemistry, the every day dealer doesn't need a minute of schooling. Imagine adding Dr. before your name--a Pharmacist giving people the drugs they want when they want them with a high markup.

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