Friday, December 2, 2011

Is It Old?

Is It Old?

Everyone likes to share interesting links. Sometimes I see a span of a month between one person posting an amusing link and another. On Facebook, I often see people late to the game, and it doesn't even seem relevant to still share the link since everyone has seen it.

There's a site I saw in Time that tries to address this issue. I haven't really tried it out because I don't share much outside content, but if you do please let me know about your experience.

I tested it on a site and a sub-site  I've seen a hundred times titled, "Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got." It's a good story.

Zach Wahls
The result of the site at told me it was ridiculously old. It also stated, "This is starting to seriously smell. Watch it and move on. It has been tweeted 1668 times already, and the first time was 283 days ago."

The result of the sub-site at told me it was old. "Yikes. Looks like the 60 plussers are your audience for this one. It has been tweeted 19625 times already, and the first time was 2 days ago."

Before you make a complete fool of yourself when you send a link to your friends, colleagues or twitter followers, enter it here to make sure it's fresh enough.

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